Individuals to visit Taiwan as tourists can give Taiwan what

NTA Director Shao qiwei channel Forum at its third session, held in the morning of June 12 when addressing the General Assembly announced that the freedom of mainland residents to travel to Taiwan will be officially launched on June 28, the first batch of pilot cities are Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen in Fujian province. This is the consensus reached after several rounds of consultations between the two sides, on both sides, especially Taiwan society and people's expectations. Personal tour starts, will give Taiwan the following benefits.

to increase Taiwan's tourism revenues. In personal tour started yiqian, city residents despite can to Taiwan tourism, but take of is "groups tour" (mission into mission holiday), provides has specific of time, and locations and line, on visitors limit have too more, makes visitors was not too free, and not too free, "to also hurried, to also hurried", left many wants to to of place to can't of regrets. Personal tour starts, mainland residents to visit Taiwan as tourists can freely select partner, time, place and route, walking freely in Taiwan every corner, contact people, enjoy the scenery, delicious food, watch, dance, purchase products. Visible, personal travel "group tours" to free, comfortable, convenient and comfortable, Lu Ke natural individual more interest and desire. When individual visit scheme once started, there are many mainland residents to visit Taiwan will be individual applications, setting off a new wave of climax to visit Taiwan as tourists. As the number of mainland residents visiting Taiwan and rising consumption, Taiwan's tourism income will increase accordingly.

to stimulate investors to Taiwan investments. Individual start, means that people on both sides to further exchanges and cooperation, there is hope for lasting peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan investments in safety and security. In addition, individual start, will attract a large number of Lu Ke to visit Taiwan as tourists, Taiwan travel, accommodation, food and drink, sightseeing, shopping, creating many business opportunities. Once again, a large number of Lu Ke at the Taiwan tourism, merchants through their understanding of the Mainland's investment conditions, projects, policies and so on, looking for future investment opportunities on the Mainland. All this is important for investors, is a good, means that investors can earn a better return on investment, will no doubt inspire investors to Taiwan investments. Taiwan Parties estimated, in order to meet individual business opportunities, estimated from 2011 to 2013, will have 34 hotels investment of 75.5 billion yuan (NT, the same below), the hotel a total investment of 80 billion yuan, as well as 22 tourism are new or expansion plans, with a total investment amount of 24 billion yuan.

can Taiwan create many job opportunities. Individual start, means that there will be a substantial increase in the number of mainland residents to Taiwan. These additional Lu Ke at the Taiwan travel, whether it's travel, accommodation, food and drink, watch, or shopping, to sub out the cash, some will translate into Taiwan aviation industry, transportation industry, catering, leisure industry, processing industry profits, thus making the industry more profitable. Benefit some manufacturers will expand the scale of production decisions, provide more job opportunities. In addition, some foreign visitors started Lu Ke to substantial growth in the number, will seize the opportunity to invest Taiwan tourism-related projects to share land tourist profit this big cake, can Taiwan provide many employment opportunities. Taiwan related conservative forecast, personal tour starts, would create 17,000 jobs.

to facilitate Taiwan people's in-depth knowledge of the city. Individual visit scheme started, access to a large number of individual qualifications and conditions of Chinese tourists, Taiwan can visit bustling cities can also be isolated and peaceful countryside; both visited famous mountains and great rivers, or remote islands, from different places come into contact with dignitaries and ordinary people. Such, Taiwan people can in Taiwan of all place even home door on can contact to city visitors, through Guide, and sale real, and party, and dinner, and talk, and service, opportunities, both convenient and fast to face oriented city visitors understand city of political, and economic, and science, and culture, and education, and resources, and opportunities, situation, usually are can understand to compared full, and real, and specific of situation, elimination on city of errors awareness, formed on city of right awareness, to seeks or deepening and city of Exchange and cooperation, Create a vision of mutual benefit and a win-win situation between the two sides.

to promote Taiwan social harmony and stability. "Group tours" of mainland tourists not only are few in number, and under a strict control, only in Taiwan a few locations and lines of activity, even most of the time spent on sites, companies, in the meeting room. Although tourists spend a lot, but basically was made by some large businesses; and the Taiwan people only a few got some interests, Lu Ke to visit Taiwan as tourists brought benefits to most people feel no sense. And personal tour of city visitors can mobile Yu Taiwan all place, in all place walking, and accommodation, and eating, and ornamental, and shopping, put money expenditure out, makes Taiwan all place of people are can get must of benefits, conducive to reduced and eliminate many Taiwan people on city visitors to Taiwan brings of benefits basically was minority manufacturers and minority enjoy of discontent mood, then promote Taiwan social of harmony stable.