Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail Taiwan compatriots can MTPs Web booking

News Agency in Beijing, June 15   (Press   Lu Mei), State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Yang Yi on the 15th at a regular press conference, said after the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway from Taiwan, "MTP" you can apply for online booking.

a reporter asked, beginning June 1, city, embark on a real-name tickets, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Taiwanese reflecting, "MTP" cannot sell vending machines to buy tickets at the station, causing inconvenience to Taiwanese people to buy tickets, Taiwan also has some complaining. Does this reflect?

Yang Yi, there is this. But there's good news, railway departments are actively trying to solve this difficulty. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will be opened in a few days, the Railway Department has announced, at which time Taiwan compatriots "MTP" can apply for the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail network tickets, I think this is a positive development.

another journalist, Wang Yi autonomous region, recently announced at the Straits Forum will downgrade Taiwan compatriots to the Mainland visa fees, media reports said 1-5-year residence visa is not in this range, spokesman for the description of the situation.

Yang pointed out that this is not accurate. From the beginning on July 1 of this year, Taiwan compatriots to handle mainland visa and residence visa fees will be lowered overall cut by 50%. Among them, the compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao and the Mainland port for 3 months the entry-exit endorsement fees, respectively from the original 100 Hong Kong dollars and 100 million Hong Kong dollars was cut to 50 Yuan and 50 Yuan. Taiwan compatriots on the Mainland public security authorities for 1-5 one year endorsement fee, from 100 Yuan, 200 Yuan, 300 yuan uniform was cut to 100 Yuan. There are a number of projects dropped more than the 50%.

Yang also calls on city of Taiwan farmers ' business park operations, he said, admission of Taiwan agricultural enterprises and achieved good earnings, we are encouraging more Taiwan farmers to city business.

according to reports, and the Taiwan Affairs Office Director Wang Yi announced at the third annual Straits Forum new 4 Taiwan farmers ' Business Park, China has so far established Taiwan farmers Business Park has reached 29. First 25 Taiwan farmer Business Park overall in good condition. 25 farmer Business Park located in different regions, forming a distinctive, focused, interrelated Business Park System.