Tour to Japan three-year multiple Visa implemented from tomorrow

the National Tourism Administration recently issued a circular: "Japan will on July 1 this year, Chinese citizens travel to new policy implementation of the individual visit visas. At that time, eligible applicants can apply for three-year, multiple entry, every tourist visas of up to 90 days, but immigration for the first time Japan destination shall be included when the Okinawa area, since location is not restricted to Japan, and for business, family visits and other activities. ”

the industry believes that at present, the Japan tour market is in a "crazy" recovery phase, the publishing of this policy will undoubtedly accelerate post-quake Japan travel market "thaw", the new policy is equivalent to a long-term tourism to Chinese citizens "pass", or you can say there is a limit to the "quasi visa".

on May 20, Guangdong, Japan travel market since the restart, Japan tour application than expected surge. The reporter learned from the trip to Canton, up to the deadline, which depart before the end of June, the team has all the full July go team has filled 50%. Data show that tourist arrivals in Japan currently has returned to pre-Quake levels, and Kansai and Hokkaido visitors choose up to two destinations.

it is understood that under the new policy, Japan individual visit visa first immigration Japan destinations must be the Okinawa area. Okinawa was called "Japan Hawaii", tour of Okinawa is Japan tour products only island tour. Insiders said the new policy provides for entry into Japan to Okinawa, to free tourists, Okinawa for summer leisure Island Tour is a good choice. It is reported that the tour operators tourist routes in Okinawa last.

travel agencies predicted that over a three-year Japan tour's primary customers are mainly white-collar group, while Beijing Kobe and Hokkaido will be hot in the hot, and free products according to the visitor's request and personalized designs and matching.