Shanghai travel service July 1 pushes North Charter tours

Web on June 30 in the East: according to the Shanghai morning post reported tomorrow, the first Korean tour Charter flights will start full of more than more than 130 tourists from Shanghai, beginning in the North 4-5-day journey. In addition, a series of summer island flights and Charter lines will debut. In addition to the traditional island Phuket, Bali, Maldives, direct route from Shanghai to Mauritius and Hawaii respectively in July and early August opening.

it is learnt that, in the future, North Korea tour Charter flights will be every Tuesday and Friday classes, and lasted until November 31. At present, the Charter flights after July 1 start line too many applicants, and price than the first group of about 6000 Yuan gained slightly.

immediately after the Korean tour Charter flights, Shanghai to Cebu, the direct Charter flights will also be on July 2, resume service, direct flights to Cebu from Shanghai every Wednesday and Saturday, with a range of about 3.5 hours. At present, in spring and autumn tours travel agencies in launching the tour line, such as 4th 3 late Qing new Cebu Bohol tour, 5th 4 late monarch Cebu Bohol tour, quoted at around 4000.

starting from July 5, direct flights between Shanghai and Mauritius will be opened, this is the only direct flights from the mainland China Mauritius route. Shanghai business international travel service said Liu Gang, General Manager, sign up for Mauritius, the Maldives and other island lines largely honeymooning couples or young couples. By contrast, the old carrying young families are concentrated in Phuket, Boracay, Cebu and other relatively nearby island destinations.