Water level in Jinan's baotu spring has been out of the Orange alert

starting from the 2nd until the 3rd at noon, rain, and since June the thirsty "spring under heaven" Jinan spring groups flow, the looming red alert big rise in the water level in the water line, from the Orange area. This timely rain, spring group of experts known as the 72 famous springs, including the baotu spring spring "help the rain."

according to Jinan's baotu Spring Park, 3rd baotu spring water levels had reached 28.01 meters. Park officials said excitedly: "the good rain, the rain is good news of Jinan Hoizumi. ”

reporters at noon the same day in the spring to see "three water" spewing strong "three-separation of the caves, fountains fen, water wheel, a sudden air" classic reproduction. Many tourists to travel to enjoy spring in the rain, on the banks of the baotu spring to tsuruhashi, packed with both at home and abroad come to view spring, watching the baotu spring "water wheel" beauty, some tourists issued a "worthy of the best in spring" feeling. GuanLan Pavilion, in the view of many spring rains compete with "the first spring" for a photo.

hydrology and water resources survey Bureau of Shandong province water expert shangguangyu said, according to the law of groundwater trend in previous years, spring water levels this year after going through difficult periods, will enter the fast-rising channel, baotu spring continuously spewing 8 almost a foregone conclusion. ”

reporters learned from the Jinan meteorological observatory, the volume has more than 60 mm of rainfall, is the largest since summer's rain here.

the baotu spring is a symbol of Jinan, the "best in the spring" in the world. Relevant data show that, on March 30, 1976, the baotu spring groundwater level below 26.98 meters for the first time to the point where stop spraying occurred. Since then, the baotu spring spray stop. Baotu spring since September 6, 2003, again, has been spewing more than 7 years.

water experts say, Jinan early due to less precipitation, baotu spring water level is below the yellow warning and the Orange warning line, Springs spewing situation is grim. Water experts say, under the influence of lagged effect of precipitation in the coming days, baotu spring water level rise expected from water level warning zone.