Paradise Valley raft rafting day trips


D1, based on the specified time in the morning to "Liangzhu culture Museum" Museum with a total area of more than 40,000 square meters, equipped with 3 conventional Hall, 1 temporary exhibition, learn to watch 5,000 years of late neolithic culture ruins group, Millennium City! Called the "Chinese city" participate in the Paradise Valley white water rafting (own expense), white water rafting in the Valley is currently the last and longest and most passionate rafting rafting theme attraction. Participate in raft boat drifting, full 3.6 km, drop 53 meters, way eight Tan eight insurance 18 Bay, taste "curtain hole days, and Dragon out Xiu, and LongYan rain, and breathtaking Beach, and torrent Yong into, and Longquan Jian heart, and dynamic zone, and Dragon cleaning, and CARP jumped gantry, and Dragon in days", 18 theme district, sometimes flat as mirror, and sometimes rushing downs, and sometimes trees-lined, and sometimes torrent dangers, end dressing, and hot shower. Afternoon at the appointed time,   return end of pleasant trip