Shanghai wild animal park one day tour


specify the time and place to go to Shanghai in the morning, visiting only the first 5 a-level in East China's scenic "Shanghai wild animal park", where not only zero-distance contact with the animal world of the child and family leisure attractions, young and old. Scenic is divided into herbivores stocking district, and carnivorous animal stocking district, and free-range animal district, and giraffe exhibition, and Australia Kangaroo slope, and African Fox Monkey Island, and lion Tiger beast exhibition, and snub ecological exhibition, and Chinese crocodile Island, and animal kindergarten, and people and animal Photo District,; animal performances district: South America sea lions Museum, and run dog Happy Valley arena, and lion Tiger animal trainer field, and beasts mountain performances field; wonderful stimulus amusement world,. New East China's largest Expo gathered 13 giant pandas, pandas Park, interpretation of "Expo pandas" style. First animals enter the topic area can not only feed Africa Festival-tailed lemurs, felt the Australian kangaroos, and close contact with swans. Returned at the appointed time and place in the afternoon, ended a pleasant trip!