Earl cruise in Qiandao Lake in East China the first waterfall cloud source Yaolin Wonderland 2nd


1th days: morning specified time locations starting to Tonglu tour "clouds source scenic", it by Alpine, and Canyon composition, more than 1000 more meters high of mountains in forest clouds, pools bi water, and stream long flow, ecological environment unsurpassed, tour National 4 a, level landscape tourist area, and enjoys "national all hole Crown" of reputation of-Yao Linda Wonderland (themselves), scenic to magic of landforms and magnificent scene of group stone landscape and renowned Yu world, timely days kitchen nectar visit shopping.                             &Nbsp;                         Tonglu luxury hotel

2nd days: to Chunan, took luxury cruise or Earl, Cruise Tour first show water of said of "Lake scenic", for its mountain green, and hills, and hole odd, and stone blame and was as thousand Island bi water painting middle, Lake District blue million pour, type many of biological resources, heritage monuments and rich   of   specialty, constitute has renowned foreign of Island Lake landscape features, timely arrangements Lake thousand King Pearl visit growth insight or timely arrangements TU meadow SsangYong tasting chrysanthemum. Specifying the time and place to return in the afternoon, ended a pleasant trip!