Shengsi sea view 2nd


the 1th day: Shanghai luchao port, specifying the time and place to go to in the morning (or small mountain) terminals, take the ferry to China's only State-level-shengsi archipelago of Islands scenic area along the view of Asia's first cross-Sea Bridge Donghai bridge, afternoon tour known as the "Southern Beidaihe" "base Lake Beach", backed by pine forests, sandy and hard, clean, Sandy fields open.                             Bed and breakfast in   zone of shengsi archipelago;

2nd day: go early "island exploration tour", visiting shengsi natural beauties and cultural landscape--Ling yin Temple pray pilgrimage (own expense), and "Dabei mountain", view Island wonders-sisters Beach, reef, visit the military Fort sites in rats. This afternoon join fishing: fishing in offshore shrimp trawl fishing, crab, sea fishing, desert island pick up conch, on looking for seashells. Go to the supermarket and fish market of aquatic products, purchased the island features. Returned at the appointed time and place in the afternoon, ended a pleasant trip!