Nanjing, Wuxi day tour


Wuxi is famous for fish and rice, is a modern industrial city, one of the cradles of China's national industry, known as "little Shanghai" said. Taihu Lake in Wuxi is located, elegant and beautiful scenery, thousands of years of history, is bred in the Misty Rain in the South, a shining pearl of Taihu Lake; Wuxi great natural scenery and for its rich history and culture, becoming one of the top ten tourist cities in the country.

Nanjing, when they buy Emperor Wei of the warring States period, Chu Jinling Yi, "land of the King," or "strychnine", capital of the former Republic of China official, now a People's Republic of China, capital of Jiangsu Province, Deputy provincial cities. Nanjing is "four great ancient capitals of China," one of the "ancient capital of the six dynasties," said. Nanjing is located along the Yangtze River, is an important industrial city and economic center in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, one of China's important cultural and educational center, but also an important traffic hub in East China.