Lianyungang Mountain Island waterfront luxury 2nd


the 1th day: specifying the time and place set out in the morning, after Sutong bridge, Lianyungang, in Jiangsu Province, after the largest island-connected Islands, visit the national AAAA grade scenic area-Island Beach (not inclusive): stroll Golden Sandy Bay Beach, a seaside cliff, swim in the sea by boat, visit the underwater world. Before dinner or the next day to visit the sea Crystal Gallery (1 hour). &Nbsp;     bed and breakfast in double standard room in Lianyungang

2nd days: tour journey to of prototype to, and China AAAA level tourism scenic, monkey home "mountain", King make themselves, do tours "one West tour not out this mountain half step" of wonderful: subei lunan most with old and incense of ternary Palace, and national four Ming bamboo-gold set jade bamboo, and most with attraction of curtain hole, and St Buddha, and magic graceful of rocks Park, and strange of 72 hole, and legend rich beauty pine, attractions; down Hou Lianyungang seafood supermarket free purchase (1 hours). Returned at the appointed time and place in the afternoon, ended a pleasant trip!