Tianmu Lake joy holiday 2nd tour


D1, 7:00 at the specified place, ride to Changzhou tianmu Lake scenic area (approximately 2.5 hours), arrived at the tour after tianmu Lake Park, dine around 12:30, about 13:00 cruise, visit underwater world, Yang Shan Park, Long Xingdao scenic night free .       live: urban  


D2, 7:30 morning call, breakfast around 8:00, about 8:30 drive to the Nanshan scenic area, arrived about 1 hour scenic area, roaming a sea of bamboos, enjoy longevity, pedaling a junction of volley bamboo tip experience the feeling. Visit Lake bird paradise, birthday garden, quiet wash, take the ropeway, Wu, the first peak (cableway self-care) hit Wan Shouzhong, folding Wan Nianfu, taste the rice farmers, timely return to Suzhou after lunch, ended a pleasant journey!