Qingdao sunshine Beach 3rd tour


D1: starting from the specified time and place in the morning, visiting the charming coastal city of Qingdao, through full speed, approach of Sutong bridge, arrive to visit the May Fourth square, music square, landmarks-bridge in Qingdao, Qingdao evening food tour, taste snacks of Qingdao, Qingdao barbecue flavor. Nights hotel standard room

D2: feel "unlimited passion" tour Qingdao polar Marine Museum (120 Yuan/people themselves): full exotic style of Ice Cave, and snow housing ski, visitors can near distance of ornamental to white whale, and Arctic bear, and Penguin, and sea otters, and North Sea Lions, more than 10 species, and Shang hundred head domestic rare of rare polar animal and thousands species rare marine fish, let people seemed exposure Yu real pure of polar world; tour Qingdao sea sightseeing, ride to Qingdao laoshan scenic, along appreciate small fishing Mountain, and Overlooking the coastline scenery such as 2008 Olympic Games sailing venue and seafood store free shopping (about 1 hour), shilaoren beach. &Nbsp;    night bed and breakfast in hotel standard room

D3: After breakfast go to sunshine, tour lighthouses scenic, tateishi, view canghai, seagulls fly fishing boats dot, feel of the rock spectacular, cover eco-Beach Beach, ten gold beach walk, watch the Olympic sailing base in shoreline. Return by bus at noon, ended a pleasant trip!