Flying in Hainan pure play 5th tour


Sanya called "Cliff State", in southern Hainan Island, a beautiful of southernmost China's ethnically diverse tropical seaside city. Tropical seaside scenery district in Sanya, located in Sanya city, Hainan Province, an area of 212  square kilometers.  

Sanya is a mysterious hue with shelters international WINS by Begonia Luan, yalongwan, Yulin Bay, hole, ends, size hole-day scenic composition.  

unique tropical plants and meandering coastline constitutes a typical tropical beach scenery.  

the East China Sea, in the South of Sanya city, Yulin Bay and between luhuitou, 3  km from the urban area, is a crescent-shaped Bay, Ocean wide, Qian Qing Qing Bo, sand smooth and bulgy, sunny and warm, people joked that she was "exporting to the world where the Sun."  

minimum water temperature is 20 degrees Celsius in winter, Jinling resort is located beachfront, mountains and the sea, beautiful scenery and set of Sun, sand, sea, air, and green in one, is ideal for vacations, wellness and swimming in defence.  

Yalong Bay (yalongwan), about 20 kilometers east of Sanya city, is for the White Sands cut like a Crescent Moon Bay, surrounded on three sides, surrounded by water, forming a large bay surrounded by mountain peaks, looking a blue expanse of the sea, blue; a closer look long wide Beach, crystal clear Crystal,  to clarify the world of Yu Yu, apt.