Xian/Huashan Lintong/flying 4th tour


D1: Shanghai Pudong airport flights to XI an xianyang airport, about 1 hour by car to the XI ' an hotel. Bed and breakfasts: City

D2: breakfast Hou ride (about 1.5 hours) to Lintong, tour world eighth big miracle-Terra-Cotta Warriors 90 (1, and 2, and 3rd, pit, and copper car horse) (about 2 hours) Tang Emperor concubines of Palace-Huaqing hot spring 70 (views Remonstrance Pavilion five between Office, and Tang Royal soup site) (about 1.5 hours) Qin Ling Palace 15 (about 1 hours)        bed and breakfasts: Huashan

D3: After breakfast drive to mount Huashan in the West, (about 1.5 hours), mount Huashan in the West 100, tours of Jin Yong's North Peak (Wu Linfeng) Huashan, Xifeng Lotus (eaglewood save mother from mountain), Dongfeng Chaoyang (do a somersault), Nan Feng Luo Yan (sky plank road), in the beautiful peak (chenglong rapidly digging), drive back to Xian. &Nbsp;          : City

D4: After breakfast visit the first show of Tang culture theme style park 68-Datang Furong garden, style of the show is the first full Tang-large Royal Garden Park. Ziyun, including floor, ladies Hall, Banquet Hall, Fang Lin Yuan, FENGMING jiutian Theatre, apricot garden, teahouse, Lu Yu-tang city, Qu Jiangliu drinks, and many other attractions. Visit Xuan Zang translated the famous Buddhist temple-Daci 25  (excluding the pagoda on costs) hotel, visit the largest musical fountain in Asia square-big wild goose pagoda Fountain Square. Tour the world's most complete ancient di 40/30-Ming city wall, laid on the table the clock building square, Ming and Qing dynasties antique street, Muslim snacks Street   sent the plane back to Shanghai's Pudong airport.