Huangshan Sunrise drifting 3rd


the 1th day: specifying the time and place to go to in the morning "Huangshan" transfer area traffic to Mercy House, ropeway or walk to the Jade screen scenic area, pine, see song, yuping sleeping Buddha, distant view of the celestial capital peak, Lotus peak, happy Avenue to hundred-step ladder, first-day AO Yufeng, and Tian  . &Nbsp;                   :   on the Hill;

2nd day: morning sunrise (depending on weather conditions), brightness apex, flying stone, West Sea, North Sea, lion peak, be imaginative, shixin. View black tiger pine, marriage song, and pimaric, hundreds of eling, walk down the Hill to the Valley Lodge, a collection of cloud. Taste of China top ten famous tea-Huangshan en route (about 50 minutes). Free foot massage-experience the Magic Snake medicine (about 50 minutes). Afternoon play "mountain folk custom Park" experience from the original mountain peoples to modern Huizhou folk cross. Night tour of Qing Ming Shang he TU-tunxi old street-free activities.                             &Nbsp;                 : urban  

3rd day: After breakfast to "health river raft float" Huangshan eco first float, drifted 3 kilometers long, drops nearly 80 meters, and is ideal for Mountain Creek rafting river. Beach rush when the wave height, near misses, blue when qingtan, lactating lactating lungs, through the vast forest, enjoy nature's bounty, unforgettable great forests and quiet and comfortable, floated down, 1.5 hour, let your drift, refreshing. Returned at the appointed time and place in the afternoon, ended a pleasant trip!