Sanqingshan essence of Wuyuan 3rd


the 1th day: specifying the time and place set out in the morning, visit the first eco-waterfalls-San of the East River Canyon (own expense) admire the valleys, deep pond, rocks, waterfalls, sanxi original ecology of the wild scenery of the Grand Canyon, the experience of "pedestrian pictures, bird screens in" the poetic! Hometown of longevity "village" area within the Hong clan "Yu Tong", which not only well-preserved ancient houses and brick, wood carving, stone carving is exquisite. Timing of bamboo charcoal products long kitchen showroom, shop or building free shopping (about 45 minutes), the   hotel.                                                         &Nbsp;        bed and breakfast in Wuyuan or mountain

2nd day: After breakfast in "the mountains", lift up the mountain (own expense), visit Nan Qing Park in sanqingshan mountain scenic spot: axe ghost of nature, snake mountain, Goddess peak ... ... So dizzying, shock your field of vision. Tour West Bank scenic along dangerous wall Shang artificial built of flat plank road, total more than 3,600 more than meters, no picked up level of runs, its-like as covered Plains, feet end of clouds churning, overlooking peaks are v toe Xia, xiaguangwandao, real is room wonderland, ropeway down (themselves)  , timely arrangements new pastoral or Crown St health native shop free shopping (about 45 minutes), staying hotel.                             &Nbsp;                          bed and breakfast in Wuyuan or mountain   


3rd day: After breakfast, visit the Nineth wonder---the longyou grottoes in the world + the longyou folk House Court (not inclusive): longyou Grotto is one of the highest levels of artificial underground buildings in ancient China, development and utilization of underground space in a wonder of the world. Went into the cave, just like back in time to   the ancient. "Mining", "mining man", "use" ... ... Are eternal mystery, Court of longyou folk House is the former residence of longyou merchants, the epitome of ancient architecture in Ming and Qing dynasties, only one of the ancient houses of two offsite protection project yesterday afternoon I returned at the appointed time and place, pleasant trip the end!