Nanning detian waterfall Beihai Silver Beach flying 5th tour


the 1th day of  

Shanghai  --Nanning airport-downtown

Shanghai/Nanning (about 3 hours), after receiving the mission Airport/City (about 40 minutes) go to food court. Feel the unique and characteristic style in the South! Hotel        accommodation: Nanning  

2nd day of  

Nanning  --"* jingxi Tongling Grand Canyon *"-----shuolong

breakfast Hou ride to jingxi pass spirit Grand Canyon nature reserve (car drive about 4 hours, tour about 2.5 hours) tour original forest Grand Canyon; visit judge during the stack, and hid gold hole, and line days, and through curtain hole, nature wonders. zhihou tour scenery beautiful, and has room wonderland of said of strong spirit hole, and read eight Gorge, and treasure hole falls and the Jintang boiling of underground river Springs mouth, landscape. At their own expense to Longshan adrift: 190/person           breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:   host: shuolong  

3rd day of  

jingxi  --"* * detian waterfall"-Nanning

After breakfast, bus to Johor, by the spring river, arriving detian waterfall scenic spot visited is located in the in the 53rd boundary marker, touring the world's second-largest transnational waterfalls – detian waterfall (about 1 hour by car, visit the about  2 hours), 寬 approximately 200 meters high, more than 80 meters, and is quite spectacular, a national-class scenic spots. Car after going to Nanning (about 4 hours by car). En route visit the native (about 40 minutes)

breakfast:   lunch:   host: Nanning  

4th day of  

Nanning-"Beihai Silver Beach *, *"-----"* * the Beibu Gulf square"-

After breakfast in the North Sea (about 3 hours), swam a national tourist resort, "China's first Beach"-Beihai, looked to watch unlimited, the magnificent sea scenery, devoted to the "Silver Beach" beach to surf and enjoy the fun. Ornamental beads urban capacity, visit the Central Square Plaza – North Bay of the North Sea, urban sculpture, the Pearl City "South soul", followed in Seaside Park, visit the fishing village about 40 minutes ...                   Breakfast:   lunch:   dinner:  : North  

5th day of  

----Nanning, Shanghai    ----in the North Sea;

After breakfast, tour, Beihai city, in the scenery, or freedom of movement. (At their own expense to visit the underwater world of 118 Yuan/person). After lunch return to Nanning to send mission to return to Shanghai! &Nbsp;          lunch: