How to quickly and efficiently get the Schengen visa

the Schengen Agreement, also known as the Schengen Agreement or of the Schengen Convention, the Schengen Convention, as early as June 4, 1985 from 7 EU countries in Luxembourg, a small city signed in Schengen. Officially in July 1995 the full entry into force of the Convention. Member States of the Schengen Convention, also known as "Schengen countries" or "Schengen States" of Member States as a whole also known as the "Schengen area".

the purpose of the Schengen Convention is a border checkpoint between cancel each other and coordinate border controls outside the Schengen area. In six of the 77 Member States abolish border controls between countries, any Member State a valid identity card or visa free movement of people within the territory of all the Member States. Under the agreement, travelers if they have a valid visa to legally in one country to visit all other Schengen countries.

wants to travel abroad and get a visa is your first step to action. At the end of this year to early next year, and which countries introduced new visa measures, or add a new entry, "donkey" to efficiently get a visa, visa may refer to the following content.

     9 Eastern European countries joining the Schengen Agreement

new status: from next year January 1 up, Czech, and Hungary, and Poland, and Slovakia, and Lithuania, and Estonia, and Latvia, and Malta, and Slovenia 9 country will joined "Schengen" agreement, enjoy European "Schengen treatment" of national will by 15 a expansion to 24 a (Austria, and Belgium, and Denmark, and Finland, and France, and Germany, and Iceland, and Italy, and Greece, and Luxembourg, and Netherlands, and Norway, and Portugal, and Spain and Sweden).

     tips: in any Schengen country applying for a Schengen visa, at the effective time to 24 European countries, do not have to separately apply for visas from other countries. This way, if you play, you can take Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe's most classic country together, which is a Schengen visa.

     France VisasFrance visa is enabled

new status: October 26, VisasFrance visa is enabled. Increase submitted online application visa application forms, booking interview process.

Tips: for most applicants, it can no longer travel to France Embassy to apply for visas. Including business, sightseeing, visiting friends, relatives, transit, airport transit, study, go to France to participate in France school examinations, stay engaged in scientific and technological work, journalists, sailors, artists, businessmen, artists and entrepreneurs to apply for a visa are required by VisasFrance. Visitors participating in the tour, through VisasFrance to apply for a visa from travel agents.

     Japan increased immigration fingerprints

new status: November 20 this year, foreigners over the age of 16 at the time of entry must be extract fingerprints and photographs.

weapon: at present travel agencies have received notice from Japan, over the age of 16 foreigners enter Japan Shi, needs to read the ten fingerprints and facial photos taken, after accepting the immigration officer asked permission to land. However, Japan no fingerprints of visa applicants, only at the time of the entry of foreigners to increase the immigration procedures.

     United Kingdom applicants fingerprinted

new status: October 25, United Kingdom embassies begin unity of all Chinese citizens applying for a UK visa collecting ten fingerprints, implementation of biometric identification technology.

Court: Japan is different, visa applicants through fingerprints and digital photograph, the entire program is less than 5 minutes.


extra money for a Schengen visa. Schengen visa fee of 600 Yuan, but embassies in euros (actually 60 Euro) settlement, along with the rising against the euro in recent days, when applicants pay RMB, you have to pay extra for undelivered portion of exchange rates, for example, may charge 650. Industry insiders said, the current rate remains high, applicants should prepare more money went to the Embassy.