Tourists on the road how to protect their interests

       now use holiday travel has become a city of fashion. However, people travel often many disappointments, even well designed trap. Complaints published recently by the China Association for quality around the warning to alert consumers to beware of "zero package tour charges" misleading, resell throw "black-box operation" and "Kickback" wind simmering tourist "trap".   &Nbsp;   holidays just around the corner, some travel agencies to attract tourists, will have "zero package tour charges" and "tour" signs, many consumers in droves. However, the "zero-fee tours", and "-tour" behind the dazzling signs, often travel agents practical arrangements for grades lower than the hotel contract grade; meals are not up to standard; tour guides in the case without the customer's consent, altering travel plans to increase contract attractions shopping; schedule delays, changes and so on. Said to be "zero-fee tours" or "tours", in fact, consumers end up costing well beyond their expectations.   &Nbsp;   in accordance with the relevant legal and domestic tourism group standard contracts, travel agencies offered insufficient number, tourists must be transferred to other travel agencies must obtain prior written consent of the tourists agreed, otherwise turn to absorb the total fee of 10% for breach of contract. In practice, however, many travel agencies are "black-box operation", without the consent of tourists several times its "resale"; some travel agencies to go after the tourists found that contract just "holiday", and not to write the specific name of the travel agency.   &Nbsp;  "kickbacks" are businesses take a promotional tool, and in recent years this method has been thoroughly used to the travel industry. Guided tours shopping, dining, places to visit, such as consuming illicit kickbacks, has become a well known secret, rebate rates even as high as 50%. "Kickbacks" this phenomenon is simmering, rooted in the tour guide's salary system. It is understood that most tour travel agency does not pay, pay only a small amount of the subsidy. Tour guide has no wage guarantee only scenic attractions, and shopping at places such as giving rebates to maintain income, so the guide is "shopping guide" direction.   &Nbsp;   to "bid", "holiday" the specific significance for the subject organization of tourism activities, such as, people used to call it the theme tours and has become a fashion. However, some travel agencies in the Organization of thematic tourism advertising misleading, on the process of traveling "shrunk", poor service quality, a series of problems, such as abnormal tissue. Therefore, the relevant departments remind tourists, be careful to participate in "theme travel" options to understand the motivations of the organizers, contractors, experience and strength.   &Nbsp;   travel complications, how to deal with this? China Association for quality around from the Chinese consumers ' Association complaints with the Department of Legal Affairs expert as saying, before the trip, first select a reputable travel agency, formal, not cheap and go looking for some retail. A regular travel agent shall hold the documents include: tourism license issued by the administration of the travel agents and the travel agents pay quality deposit certificate and business license issued by the industrial and commercial sectors.   &Nbsp;   after the selected travel agencies, tourist and travel agencies also signed a tourism agreement and specify the rights and obligations of both parties. Tourism Agreement generally includes: tour route, on which mode of transport standard of dining, accommodation, attractions descriptions and other terms. Chosen by many consumers tend to ignore the contract on time, you know, and the price of the ticket is not the same in the middle of the day.   &Nbsp;   delivery fee, make sure you ask for a formal invoice and acceptance. According to China travel agency quality margin compensation provisional approach, travel agency charged tourists prepaid Gold Hou, for travel agency of reasons cannot lined, should ahead of 6 days notification tourists, violation who bear default responsibility, and compensation corresponding of penalty; guide violation agreed, unauthorized increased dining, and entertainment, and medical health, project, travel agency bear tourists of all costs; travel agency arrangements of accommodation Hotel, for hotel reasons below contract agreed of grade, and grade, travel agency should returned tourists by pay room and actual room of difference And a certain penalty. For foreign travel, must see whether business unit eligible for processing outbound.   &Nbsp;   in case of tourist quality disputes need to complaint, relevant evidence and information to the tourism quality and technology supervision departments decision to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are not violated.