Master four easily learned the summer holiday

in the hot summer months, traveling to relax body and mind, is that many families choose summer recreation. Tianjin Municipal Tourism Bureau promotion office head of proposals must be fully prepared in the summer.   Selected lines, ask the service.  Industry insiders remind people while traveling in the summer to consider where to go, especially self-help tourists, should know the State where there is no development to go themselves and team members do not know where not to go. If it is a travel agency, in choosing a reputable travel agency at the same time, also ask travel agents travel conditions. Travel agencies you want to grade of accommodation, general economic standard of accommodation arrangements, without bathroom, low price standard standard of accommodation with bathroom, air conditioning.  Also, ask the car has no air conditioning, drive how much time. Luggage there. Best summer getaway owned a small amount of drugs in order to meet momentary needs, these drugs include cold medicines, painkillers, antihistamines and beat drugs (Huo Xiang Zheng Qi, Yan Dan), you should also bring refreshing oil or essential balm and bandages.  In addition, to bring drinking water, Sun block and some salt. Travel, clothing is the main baggage. Trip easy, no big bags with travel, clothing in the clientele.  More white or light colored or plain clothes, not clothes with a black or blue, it is best to bring my raincoat and hat. Learning by train. Travel by train in the summer, you should try to choose the ideal train, ride on trains running between from 15 points to 11 o'clock the next day, avoiding in the car through the hottest time of day. Take the sleeper bed, head towards one end of the aisle, corridor air circulation is good, low temperatures, to sleep. And if sleeping with the Windows open, head end is susceptible to wind the window blows cold.  On the train, wear strong absorbent cotton, silk clothing and pay attention to food hygiene. Be cautious with children playing. Road to inform the child, how to cope with possible emergencies, to enhance safety awareness. Children restless, excitable parents on the road be careful observation of your surroundings and the security situation, and remain alert to possible accidents. Should tell the child beforehand in case of lost, to wait in place or rendezvous. Should always remind their children pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat at roadside stalls, don't let children eat too much cold food, ensure that children have enough sleep every time.