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Suzhou China international travel service co, Ltd   is approved by the national tourism administration of international, domestic, inbound and outbound tourism is overseas right to tour abroad. Company registered capital of 2 million Yuan, and turned over to the national tourism administration quality deposit 1.6 million Yuan, directly under the administration of culture, radio, TV, Suzhou is a limited liability company. The main business scope; engaged in international and domestic tourist business; abroad, outbound tourism business, travel services exhibition, ceremonial services; cultural exchange business; generation of car, boat, plane ticket business; providing translation services. Run; wholesale and retail travel crafts take photocopying, typing, business card business. Company of five independent corporation and a corporate social groups organizations; avatar travel network company in Suzhou, Suzhou Yu Tong decoration engineering company, Suzhou constant Star International Expo service co, Ltd, Suzhou wantong industry management services limited, Suzhou Industrial Park, China Culture Media Ltd, Suzhou kite Association, have formed a group. With a travel agency in Suzhou and Suzhou, Suzhou tourist companies, tourism, tourist centers in Suzhou, Suzhou Suzhou travel agency rankings, travel guide, travel agency list of Suzhou, Suzhou Suzhou travel agency telephone, tourist attractions, Suzhou, Suzhou travel agencies offer tours.

    the company since its establishment in 1993, engaged in tourism business for more than 10 years, has a team of experienced, trained multilingual guides and operational capacity of excellent planning and controlling market outreach workers. Highest year group of foreigners over the years more than a total of more than 160,000 people group, to take over more than 240,000 people returning to Chinese only account for foreign guests in Suzhou to take market share, bin group and overseas market share, market share exit one-sixth, among the best in the travel service industry in Suzhou. &Nbsp;  Qingyuan Fang (Jia Yu fang, South side) spring holiday sales is the company specializing in domestic and international guests, team travel and received excellent departments in East China, over the years with numerous travel agencies, hotels, large and medium business consortia, tourism economic development zone, cultural systems, cultural groups, scenic spots, railway civil aviation, the transportation sector has close business contacts and friendly relations and cooperation. Consistently high quality, high standard reception by visitors from at home and abroad tourism and cultural exchanges on the basis of efforts to create global outbound travel of Chinese citizens, tourism, cultural exchange, inspection and other business plans. To all our friends to food, shelter, transportation, sightseeing, shopping, entertainment and business negotiations, meeting planning, cultural development to provide satisfactory and comfortable service.